Sep 8 – 9, 2020
Europe/Prague timezone

Measuring Internet Reliability in 2020: Czech Republic, Slovakia and the rest of the world

Sep 8, 2020, 1:00 PM


CSNOG 2020


For five consecutive years, Qrator Labs were releasing annual reports on National Internet Segments' Reliability. The source of the data is the state and the history of ISP relations, as seen via mutual BGP announcements.

The 2020 report is going to see the light in August. When we want to understand the current situation in some region from the telecom point of view, first of all, we need to gather some information about it. We need to understand who are the most prominent players on the market, how diverse is this market at all, who are the critical points of failure. The are several approaches to this.

In our report, we want to play around one of the possible approaches: a view in terms of autonomous systems' relations. We will look at the current resource distribution between ASNs and how good they apply the current security practices. Also, we will try to highlight the top of ISPs and check the stability and reliability of a region in a whole.

Primary author

Alexander Kozlov (Qrator Labs)

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