8-9 September 2020
Europe/Prague timezone

Further Developing the RIPE Routing Information Service (RIS)

8 Sep 2020, 09:00


CSNOG 2020


The RIPE Routing Information Service (RIS) is a globally distributed set of Remote Route Collectors (RRCs) that collect and store Internet routing data. Volunteers peer with the RRCs. RIS then stores the update and withdraw messages. This information is made freely available to researchers, operators and other interested parties. Recently we've looked into the diversity of the RIS data and the placement of new RRCs and peers. We would like to present the results and gather feedback about the future strategy of RIS, for instance:
- Where shall we place RIS peers in the future?
- What other types of data could or should we be collecting?

Primary authors

Mr Ondřej Caletka (RIPE NCC) Mrs Mirjam Kühne (RIPE NCC)

Presentation Materials

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